SEF 2019 (NAVER Connect)

SEF2019 is a conference where the best software education experts and educators gather to share their various concerns and experiences regarding software education and prepare for a future transformed by software. The core values of the SEF2019 brand are visually conveyed to participants through brand graphics.

SEF2019 is a conference that aims to ‘SHARE thoughts and information’, ‘EXPAND educational opportunities’, and ‘CONNECT’.
︎︎︎ Creative Director: Jinsol Seo
︎︎︎ BX Designer: Jinsol Seo, Hyunji Jo
︎︎︎ UI/UX Designe: Jinsol Seo, Hyunji Jo, Sunyoung Park
︎︎︎ Motion Designer: Joonyong Park
︎︎︎ Promotion Designer: Suin Park